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Matech System Ltd. provides a world class ICT Solutions, Human Capacity Development and Business Consultancy Services for governments and businesses in the next ten years and beyond, with an annual growth rate of 20% in turnover. Our flagship training courses including Results Base Management Course (RBM), Integrated Project Management Course (IPM) and Demystifying Accounting For Non-Accountants (DANA).


Results Base Management Course (RBM)

The RBM Training is a three-day course that seeks to train participants on how to focus on achieving programmes and operational results in more practical and measurable ways. Usually, organizations appear to be directing attention and resources towards execution of planned activities without demonstrating the outcomes and long-term effects of such activities in relation to [...]

Integrated Project Management Course (IPM)

The IPM training is also a three-day course that seeks to equip participants with knowledge and skills required to effectively apply the concepts and practices of professional project management, using the integrated approach. Focus areas include: project management principles and concepts; project management processes and life cycles, effectively managing project constraints (scope, quality, time and [...]

Demystifying Accounting For Non-Accountants (DANA)

DANA is a three day course that intends to demystify accounting for non-accounting managers. It will assist managers from non-financial backgrounds to better appreciate the importance of accounting within their organization. It provides a comprehensive overview of accounting terminologies and principles, thereby enabling participants: To gain an understanding of the basic accounting concepts, procedures, and [...]

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"Support governments and businesses to derive value for money from investments in ICT and human capital, leveraging on emerging technologies and a well-motivated staff, whilst increasing the net worth of the company."

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